I started out with Canon. Im still a big fan of the quality they consistently deliver. They have however completely fallen behind. After about 4 years of photography, I was looking for something not so annoyingly large. Primarily something that would fit in my flight bag! Mirrorless was on my radar so I checked out reviews of the top competitors. The full frame ones were out of my budget as I was still in flight school. I found the $500-$600 range to be just right. After countless hours of research I landed on the Sony A6000. Not being quick to pull the trigger I rented one and tried it out. After the second day all of my Canon equipment was on craigslist. The A6000 was faster (focusing and shooting) than any Canon I had ever used, and it was 1/4 the size and weight. It was a DSLR still, and used SD cards (not expensive CF). On top of that its light sensitivity and image quality was second to none. I couldn’t believe all this came from a crop sensor camera the size of a bar of soap.

Ever since then I haven’t looked back. I recently upgraded to the Sony a7ii. I thought the a6000 was good, this thing is on another planet. It makes taking pictures fun again. Every shutter actuation has a strange sense of satisfaction. The low light performance is basically like having night vision. Ive only acquired 2 Sony auto focus lenses. I like primes because of the effect they give and it forces me to move my feet and be creative with my angles. The rest of the collection is old film lenses adapted to the camera via cheap eBay adapters.

The Lineup

~ Sony a7ii

~ 15mm f4.5 (Voigtlander)

~ 28mm f2 (SEL28F2)

~55mm f1.8 (SEL55F18Z)

~85mm f1.4 (Rokinon)

~Super Takumar 300mm f4 (m42 screw mount)

~ GoPro Hero 5 Black