fuji x100v review

This is maybe the most highly anticipated camera of 2020. Understandably so, the x100 series has been a big hit among “street shooters” for years. I had a x100F a year or so ago and positively loved it. Except its auto focus performance was horrible compared to… most modern interchangeable lens cameras. All its other quirks I could honestly live with. But the auto focus was a deal breaker. This new one has a lot of notable upgrades, sharper lens, new sensor, weather sealing, and a very sexy design. However nobody was really talking about the auto focus and whether or not it was that much better. Even Fuji didn’t talk about it in their press releases. More on this later…

Build quality

I’m not sure there is any mechanical object in existence that could out do this thing in terms of build quality. Its somewhat mind blowing really. It feels like pure luxury in your hands. Then on top of it all, its weather sealed (with a filter on the front). Every time I pick it up I think it genuinely improves my mood ever so slightly.

image quality

They really knocked this one out of the park. The new lens and sensor is tack sharp and colors are more beautiful than ever. One of the best things about this camera is its ability to actually capture a sunset or sunrise. You know how frustrating it is when you take a picture of the sunset on your phone and it just doesn’t do it justice? Yeah, not with the x100v. This is a commonality with the Fuji lineup. The X-Trans sensor layout really is something special.

Shot wide open at f/2. Sharp as a damn tack and colors just how it looked in my mind.

Low light performance is confidence inspiring. Where you normally would have long since given up, this thing manages to crank out beautiful images in the dark.

ISO3200, this thing just WORKS


There’s a lot of things that make this camera unique. The near silent leaf shutter, inconspicuous nature, built in ND filter, amazing low light performance, but its not all rosy and perfect. The auto focus leaves much to be desired. In an age where modern cameras are focusing faster then your brain can comprehend, this camera focuses about the speed of a 3rd gen iPhone. It doesn’t do particularly well focusing in low light either. For the $1400 asking price, I’m a little bummed about this. Does it work? sure. Is it accurate? yep. But its annoying.

Where other cameras would have failed, somehow this thing captures the perfect scene.


If you are used to using a interchangeable lens camera like most of us are, then this will take a little getting used to. For every camera adjustment that you’re used to changing regularly there is a physical dial on the outside of the camera that you can easily move. This is awesome. However, there is no d-pad. Honestly it makes sense, why have a bunch of redundant buttons that do the same thing as the dials? Because of this you have to retrain your brain a smidge to tune your settings in an analog fashion. Fuji also does this genius thing where if you hold down a button on the camera it’ll let you program it to any function. For me I change my focus area a lot. So to go through the menus and change this regularly would be a pain. Instead I just held down a button on the front and customized it so I can quickly change it. Good job Fuji!

Very simple button layout on the back. Somewhat of a minor inconvenience… No D-pad means less buttons you can customize. I find its still adequate though.


Ok so I know I really hated on its auto focus, but does that mean its not worth it? Absolutely not. Everything else about it will make you forget about its lackluster auto focus speed. Its inconspicuous nature, near silent leaf shutter, image quality, and color are just too good to pass on. I cant think of another camera that gives me this much joy to shoot with. If you can swing the expensive price tag, this thing will bring you endless photographic happiness.

– Build quality
– Ultra quiet leaf shutter
– Stunning image quality, sharpness at all apertures is primo
– Lifelike color rendition
– Weather sealed
– Good low light performance
– Built in ND filter

– Autofocus speed
– No D-Pad on the back
– Touchscreen is annoying (subjective)

Thanks for reading! Have you bought the x100v? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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f/2.0 / ISO160
f/2.0 / ISO160
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  • Denise Glore McElrath
    Posted at 15:58h, 02 April Reply

    You might be talking me into another camera. I have been looking for something to take into locations I don’t dare risk my expensive Sony system. (i.e. paddle boarding)

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